Adult barter club. Swinger wives trade "romance" for services. Barter anything for anything. Buddies see wives private galleries.

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Everybody helping each other in Work and Play, Jan 27, 2016
reviewer: PassionKnight from Atlanta Georgia
This is a great idea for a great site. Helping each other with services that are wanted and needed. And possibilities of getting things done that you otherwise couldn't afford

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Great Idea!, Feb 05, 2014
reviewer: areallyveryniceperson from Southern California, USA
This is definitely a great idea. Many thanks to whoever created this. We haven't made the plunge yet (and actually bartered the wife). But, I am hoping we will do so soon. In the meantime, I have really enjoyed browsing the site.

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Its Worth the Try, Dec 25, 2013
reviewer: BlackJack from Florida
I made my profile, sent out some feeler messages and got three serious replies. So, as far as it being a site that has far fewer fakes on it, this one seems to be a winner. Plus, it is a great idea and makes for a great way to meet people. I guess you could say it provides context to meeting someone that other "fetish" or "Alt" sites just don't have. In truth it may be one of the first Alt sites ever, to break free from the Bull Shitter's Fantasy World of Online Fakery we are all so tired off. It strikes me as a place where real people need to get real stuff done. Thus providing a "grounding" back ON reality, that is just not possible with other sites. I have one complaint though. It has some glitches in the sending and reading of messages. For such a great concept, it may fall flat because of the buggyness of the site. HOWEVER, I still recommend giving it a try. The tech can be fixed in time. Lastly, it could use a feature found common in sites like Ebay and Angie's List.....How about a rating system? I can paint walls like nobody's business. It would be great if people could rate my work and validate that I am very real.

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