An oasis of pure pleasure. Hedonism III is the resort for singles and couples 18 years and over who want to feed the body, mind, spirit and soul with freedom and world-class fun. Set on 15 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens on the Eastern end of Runaway Bay. Hedonism III features expansive ocean views and offers total escape for a truly active (and slightly wicked!) vacation.

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Hedonism III, Sep 12, 2004
reviewer: Lee Jade from Anytown, AT 55555
Hedonism III is the newer of the two Hedo resorts in Jamaica, set in Runaway Bay on the north coast of the island. The Hedo resorts came to prominence in the UK when the 'Uncovered' team did the Caribbean Uncovered series a couple of years ago, but the Hedo concept has existed for 20 years.

We flew into Kingston and had a two-and-a-half hour transfer, which was not ideal after a ten hour flight, but we knew it would be our only chance to see anything of the island... once we went through the security gates, we didn't expect to emerge again for a whole week. Hedo is a super-inclusive resort: that means that as well as all food and drinks (including top-brand spirits) being included, so are the watersports (sailing, wind surfing, snorkelling, scuba, etc), games and activities. With everything provided on site, there is just no need to leave.

On our first night, soon after we arrived and were just about to have a light dinner, a Canadian came over and asked if we were Lee & Joy - we had chatted to him on line, swapped pics and somehow he had recognised us: maybe it was our English accents... or the fact we were so white we glowed under ultraviolet light! lol

He invited us to join him, his wife and another couple when we finished dinner, which we did, and they took us under their wing. Like many of the North Americans who vacation at Hedo, they were naturists, rather than swingers - and it was the naturist side of the Hedo experience with which we were least comfortable, but they were very good at putting our minds at ease, and by the end of the evening they had convinced us to at least give the nude side a chance.

At around 10pm, we finally decided to head to bed (well, it was 4am for us!). We had been invited down to the hottub later that night, which is where all the action happens from around 2am. However, we crashed and I didn't wake until 4am. I woke Joy and convinced her to take a stroll down to the hottub, just to see what, if anything, was happening, but sadly we'd missed everything.

Rather than head back to our room, we decided to wait for the sun to come up, which was rather romantic, and then we played with each other in a hammock, which was very sexy - our Hedo adventure had really begun.

Days and nights follow a well defined pattern at Hedo, and you soon lose track of which day is which. Every day someone you've met leaves and new people arrive. Hedo is split into two parts, nude and prude. Clothes are not allowed on the nude side, nudity is not allowed on the prude - and most people respect that boundary. But the focus of every day is certainly the nude pool, as this is where the fun is!

So, down to the nude pool after breakfast. For those who think ahead, a sun-lounger can be reserved in the traditional manner, with a beach towel, which is essential if you want a spot beside the pool rather than at the back, as we found for the first couple of days! This is essential for the voyeurs amongst us, so an early breakfast has a big advantage.

The first two things you notice, as a man at least, are that many of the women have very obviously fake breasts (and very old boyfriends!), and that pubic hair is a complete no-no! Even the smallest tuft, almost seems out of place, and the completely shaved look is definitely 'in'. It took me only 30 minutes to get so used to seeing people naked, that I almost didn't notice at all.

Our first couple of days were almost spoiled by a group of naturists calling themselves the 'Bubbly Bares'. They out numbered the rest of us at the nude pool, and had an average age of around 55! Joy was close to quitting the nude side after day one, but our Canadian friends persuaded her to return, and from that point it was hard to tear her away - mainly because she was intrigued by what was going on, as she never felt totally comfortable being naked!

In the late afternoons, before people head off to ridiculously early dinner reservations, the attention switches to the massive hottub (we had 56 people in there on one occasion). During daylight the action remains fairly tame: some flirting, maybe a bit of touching (own partners of course), and so on. But occasionally the hottub begins to boil... the sight of two women demonstrating the art of the female ejaculation at the side of the hottub will stay with me forever. As will the BJ competition around the 'pussy fountain' (six couples, the guys sitting on a round table in the pool, the girls all kneeling in the pool, bobbing up and down!)

Beware the drinks. The cocktails may not taste strong, but you can drink an awful lot in an afternoon, and combined with the heat and sun, you can find yourselves doing all kinds of things. The entertainment staff try to ensure everyone is having fun, and one afternoon they set up a game where a blindfolded woman had to identify her husband from a line-up just by feeling their privates. I was pushed into the line and was very pleased when she seemed to linger slightly longer in front of me. I'm sure we'll stay in touch!

Unlike the TV series, our experience at Hedo was not one big orgy (or even several small ones), but it was good fun, and there are certainly opportunities to play, if one is forward enough to ask. But even for those of us shy and retiring types, there is more than enough fun to make this the best week in the sun we've ever had (and if we'd thought to take some blank tapes, we could have made far more use of the 24 hour Playboy channel!).

Would we go back? Almost certainly... in fact, Joy is already looking for another special offer. But a week just isn't long enough - you just about get to know someone and you have to wave them off, before starting to get to know the new arrivals. But it is a very friendly place, and people go back year after year, often in the same week, and have large groups of friends they meet there regularly. Not only can you relax, but you get a feeling of total freedom, with no taboos, and no one judging you... pure bliss!

We made some new friends, and will keep in touch with them - maybe we'll see them again next year, or they'll come to London, or we'll go to them - who knows? It's just a bit of fun, after all! Lee xxxx

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Hedonism III, Sep 12, 2004
reviewer: Bob Ingram 9/30/2002 from Anytown, AT 55555
September 13 Ė16, 2002

This was our first trip to Jamaica, let alone a resort like Hedo III. This was a complete surprise to my wife as she has refused to fly anywhere for the past few years and especially since 9/11. I booked the trip in April but didnít tell her until 2 weeks before we were leaving. It was a couple of days after that before I told her we were going to Hedo. I did all the research so I thought I knew what to expect. I did know two things. One, this was going to be a short trip, only at Hedo for 72 hours, so we would have to plan on very little sleep in order to experience as much as possible. Two, we would need to be open minded and uninhibited in order to have a good time. What I didnít know is that we would end up have just about the best vacation ever.

Trip Down

The 7:00 A.M. flight meant getting to the airport by 4:30. The flight was on time with a friendly crew and better than normal airline food, even choices for breakfast. Mo, being terrified had some relaxation pills from the Dr so she seemed OK. Arrived on time and ended up being the only couple destined for Hedo III so we rode in a small car instead of a bus. The check in was smooth and we were in our room in about 10 minutes.

First Impression

The resort was even better than I expected. The gardens were beautiful, the place was spotlessly clean and everyone seemed so pleasant. The layout was perfect, compact but very spacious. As we walked out into the courtyard toward our room we had our first naked encounter. Must have been the Jamaican Waterslide Team taking a midday slide. I couldnít wait to join them for their next trip to the slide.

First impression EXCITEMENT!

Day 1

We were both very hungry so after dropping things off in the room we made our way around a little and stopped to eat at the Scotch Bonnet. (Had to try the jerk chicken) Food was OK but not outstanding. Oh yea had my first dirty banana. After lunch on to the pool (nude pool of course). First time nerves lasted about 30 seconds for me a few minutes longer for Mo. Met some great people and enjoyed the afternoon sipping drinks and chillin out. Oh yea, high point of the afternoon was my first nakid trip to the prude side for a waterslide run. After that I was comfortable strolling around almost anywhere with just my towel over my shoulder. Unfortunately, our 4:00 P.M. nap turned into an all night sleep for Mo, so I was on my own that night. I ate and enjoyed the entertainment until about ten then went back to the pool for a late evening dip. Not a lot of activity because it was early so I headed back to the room as I was real tired too.

Day 2

We woke early, and really made a day of it. Swam, tried the Kyaks and took the snorkeling trip. Seemed funny to have a wet bathing suit on but that didnít last long and we were back to the nude pool again sipping frozen drinks. Met some more people and hung out with them that evening. Enjoyed the dinner buffet and the jazz and trapeze show out on the main deck area. After dinner moved into the stage area for some dancing then to the piano bar for karaoke and to the disco for more dancing and oh yea the strip tease show. Left there around 2:00 but not before we took a few naked slides down the water slide, which winds through the disco so we could moon the crowd. Went to the nude pool for a quick dip. Got to sleep around three.

Day 3

Took the trip to the Dunns River Falls. It was great and only cut into our partying for a few hours. Back by 1:30 and back to sipping drinks in the pool. We kept thinking this was our fantasy world and if only it would last for ever. By 5:00 that day everything was catching up with me, lost sleep, drinking too much and starting to early. I crashed for a couple of hours and wasnít sure if I could make our dinner reservations, but I did and just drank a little less that night. Had dinner with friends from the pool in the Italian rest, again like all of the food it was good but not great. It didnít matter because we came here for the fun not the food and fun is what we had. We never made it to the disco or the pool that night, but had to stop for a naked slide before hitting the bed around 11:30.

Day 4

Last day so I had to make the best of it. Got up at 5:10 so I just missed the slide it closes at 5:00 A.M. I took a walk all around as I needed a nice cold drink (water this time). Amazingly, it was finally quiet. It had been a very noisy night at the disco and slide. There were some people out and about though . Saw a beautiful sunrise, ended up playing pool alone, swam in the prude pool for the first time (naked of course) and just strolled the beach and property. We packed and had breakfast over by 8:30 and decided to visit Super Clubís Breezes resort a couple of miles up the road. It was very nice but quiet and reserved. I enjoyed their nude beach while Mo checked out the rest of the place. After she joined me for a swim we headed back to Hedo for Ginny & Blakeyís wedding ceremony. A beautiful setting for a very nice couple. Got our baggage checked in and picked up our boarding passes right at the resort then back to the pool for the last two hours. Bus was picking us up at 2:00 so at 1:45 we left the pool for our last stroll and slide. Left the resort about 2:10. Ride home was sad to say the least, but knowing we will be back next year helped.

General Comments:

Food was OK but not great. Drinks were super.

PDAs were plentiful, but nothing offensive (everyone had fun)

Resort was outstanding. Service was excellent.

Entertainment was plentiful and fun! PianoBar is a must!

Waterslide Ė THE BEST EVER especially 2:00 A.M.

People Met some very nice fun people

Final Impressions

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Canít wait until next year.

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