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Swinger reviews for SwingTampa.com - Closed
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Our opinion.., Oct 14, 2004
reviewer: Lady T. from Dunedin, FL
On the up side, this is a very informative website with plenty of features and a great deal of information. The owners and assistants help keep this website up to date and it keeps the people well-informed, especially with their monthly newsletters. The website is very easy to access and we never have problems with it. Everything on this website is free of charge to join and use (even their personal ads), except for their 'Swingers Photos' webpage, where you have to prove your age by subscribing to an age verification service. It keeps everyone in the Lifestyle up to speed for all of western Florida. Best of all it is very true and respectful for the Lifestyle, and it seems to take a very 'couples' oriented view on swinging. They also work very hard at remaining unbiased and fair towards other swingers and swing clubs.

On the down side, it isn't as flashy as some sites we have seen (which it does pride itself in not being). The searching mechanisms for the personal ads are not very well-developed.

In our opinion, this is one of the best information sites on the Lifestyle out there. We recommend this site to everyone. We have visited 4 swing clubs in Tampa Bay, and we have learned about all of them through this site. The owners genuinely care about people and the Lifestyle, and prove it constantly. They are also easily accessable. We met Webby, the owner, and Cliff & Michelle, two of his assistants, at Dutch Delight Party House. They are very very friendly. Webby is also very intelligent and well-spoken and represents the Lifestyle well. We would recommend that they update the programs they use on their website, but we do understand that they do not because they try to keep the site free of charge.

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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

Awesome Swingers Website!, Oct 13, 2004
reviewer: Lacyntastee from Tampa,FL
SwingTampa, offers a lot of information about clubs in Central Florida and not only does it give you just the events it even gives you the members who do visit the clubs as well. SwingTampa will email you all the hottest parties of what's going on each weekend. You can go to Swingtampa and post questions or comments and even post about a club and the members are more then willing to help answer them and even have all the hot postings and updates sent to your email.

SwingTampa (Webby) has been known helping those in the lifestyle with even great information to the members when even it doesn't have anything to do with Swinging like what to do incase of an emergency for those in Florida who don't know where to go when a Hurricane is coming. Or helping those just looking for information here in Central Florida even if it's not about swinging.

Webby and his moderators with SwingTampa actually will go out and see the clubs for themselves so you are able to get all the latest facts about each club and even some of the members. Webby has done an awesome job for those in the Lifestyle and continues to support all those who are in or even just curious about the Lifestyle here in Central Florida.

Big Hugs To You Webby and the Moderators for all you do for those in the Lifestyle.

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Our directory includes swinger, nude & clothing optional resorts. Acceptance of sex in public varies widely from place to place. Be sure you check to see if the club or resort is right for your lifestyle. We welcome our naturist friends. Many swingers love nudity, most nudists don't swing. Swinging Places lists places you can be comfortable getting naked, regardless of your lifestyle.