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Swinger reviews for Linda's Rendezvous and Reviews
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Number of Reviews: 7
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Group Shut Down, Jun 03, 2008
reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Linda's Dining Review, Jun 25, 2005
reviewer: Linda from Seattle, WA
Maekawa Bar,
Linda's Dining Review
Reviewed: 4/24/05

Paul and I were eager for Sunday to roll around, BlueBoobie had headed home earlier in the week and things had slowed a little at our get away here on Whidbey Island. Carla and my other close friend Elizebeth (Liz) were coming back to the roost for a nice two or three week visit that will keep us busy into the warmer part of summer.

Catching the ferry to the mainland was not a problem at all, being that the real tourist season will not start for a few more weeks - so it was a quick trip with no delays. Traffic was light and the time to the terminal was a flash in time, The girls were waiting at the designated spot and I quickly exited the car to give them both a great big hug and a pinch on their wonderful cheeks. (Both Sets :). We turned to load the luggage and Paul had the most comical smirk on his face that we had seen for some time, I guess he saw the future in that one brief moment.

With all of us loaded and ready to get back into the groove, Paul roared out of the loading zone and quickly pointed our ride toward I-5 and downtown Seattle. Knowing that my gals and we would be hungry I made the suggestion that Paul find us a bite to eat and settled back into the waiting arms of Carla, We quickly warmed to each other and made our greetings to one another that we are more attuned with, Carla has the most warm and soft lips that soon had me dizzy and wanting her right than and now. It was fairly warm when we arrived, But had soon cooled off to the point where the slightest amount of extra heat and our close bodies was steaming up the windows in the rear of Pauls car. Suddenly we jerked to stop and Paul was laughing while looking in the mirror, What we both asked? And he stated that we looked like deer in a headlight and that we had arrived for our meal, Here is what he had chosen for our meet and greet with the Gals.

Gourmet Japanese? You bet! Maekawa Bar takes Japanese cooking to a new level. From the moment you enter, passing through the gigantic concrete horses, you notice this isn't the place made just for take-out. They specialize in creations from the various regions of Japan, China, Hunan, Shanghai, Canton, Swechwan and Mongolia. Each meal being cooked to order using fresh vegetables and a wide array of noodles, provides a selection of menu items like no other. If you're into spice try Chang's Spicy Chicken (their version of General Chu's) or my favorite, Beef A La Swechwan. Crisp jullienne carrots, celery and green onions mixed with twice cooked beef in a spicy swechwan sauce.
Meals are served family style so everyone at the table can enjoy. Each meal is served with your choice of steamed brown or steamed white rice. That's just one of dozens of options at Maekawa Bar, a Japanese pub in the Chinatown International District that offers a staggering array of snacks as well as some unusual drinks to wash them down.

Maekawa is not the easiest place to find. The address is on King Street, but the entrance is on Sixth Avenue, and you'll need to take the stairs to the second floor. They do offer specials and some unusual appetizers like shrimp dumplings with a ginger chili soy sauce. Two traditional soups are on the menu, Hot & Sour Soup and Wonton Soup. They also offer some salads and vegetable side dishes. And they have a full bar with a nice selection of wines.

The atmosphere is light and airy with an inspirational mural which is a recreation of a typical mid-12th century narrative screen painting. The service is excellent. Never have to ask to refill your water glass either. Food prices are bit higher than you expect to pay for Japanese but then again they're going for that unique dining experience.

The only problem with the meal was not the meal itself, But being asked to leave as qiuckly as possible being that we were putting on quite a show for the other patrons, Liz was moving lower and lower in seating next to Paul, Where Carla was eager to pounce on me right there on the table. Now it probably would of not been so bad, But they placed us in the middle of the dining area and there was no real way to hide our actions from the other people that were there to enjoy the meal ! Can you blame us ?

Well enough was enough and we quickly dashed to the car with Carla and I removing our clothes and diving into the back to take up where we left off on the way home, A periodic glance to Paul and Liz made us aware that Liz certainly enjoys more than the main course and was trying to get her desert from Paul as many times possible before the ferry loading booth came into view...Linda

Maekawa Bar,
Food Quality: 4
Value: 3
Service: 5
Sexual Allowance: 3, a bit pissed !

Reservations are not accepted.
Open Sunday-Thursday 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday 11:00
a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

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Red Rooster III, Jun 25, 2005
reviewer: Linda from Seattle, WA
Linda's Reviews
Location: Las Vegas
Club: Red Rooster 3
Club Rating 5 Stars *****
Clean status 5 Stars *****

First off, the club is now called the Red Rooster III--the name change had happened that week to my understanding--but has no association with the original Red Rooster, which I have also reviewed.

This was my 4th foray into a Las Vegas Swing club.

Mind you, this was a weeknight adventure, I was told it is much more interesting and active on the weekends. This is a series of rooms in a commercial building right off of Sahara, just a few blocks from the end of the strip. First, on entry through a buzzer protected door you enter the bar area--juice and waters only, which suits us just fine. Next is the main room, a sofa and a few heavy chairs, a dance stage with three poles plus a sex swing neatly suspended at one end. To the right are several booths, protected with a mere thin curtain. High leather mattresses in each room, doctor height, not bed height and I will remark for the ladies enjoyment there were no pillows. Off the opposite end of the main room is the couples room, a larger leather mattress, a sofa and a couple of chairs.

Next down the hall is the "Orgy room," with the largest leather mattress I have seen. Very few pillows anywhere. The final room down this side is not for a particular purpose, just a few chairs. Next to it is the Jacuzzi, always bubbling but with a sign announcing no drinks, oils or sex in the pool. Returning toward the main room in the opposite hallway are the locker rooms for men and women--bring your own lock. And past the locker room is an angular room housing a pool table--$1 a game. Every room in the place, save the Jacuzzi was dimly lit, giving the whole place a seedy feeling.

Those are the amenities. The crowd was sparse. We went in with no expectations, just a determination to try to say hi to everyone who was there and see where it would take us. We initially met a Hispanic couple with an incredibly hot F half. We had a nice conversation along with the bartender/owner but they (regulars) obviously were looking for something other than us.

There were already a few single M's inside, most did not socialize with us, though one was such a regular and not looking that I thought he was one of the security staff rather than a player. He at least could hold a conversation. One loser, from my impression, made a hit on every woman who entered and was summarily rejected by all. Later in the evening he sat alone in a chair playing with himself. And at the end he was part of the audience, which I will refer to later. Time moves slowly here, but as it gets later into the night couples and women do float through.

One couple came in and sat in the Jacuzzi for a long time. We hovered near the bar, trying to say hi to everyone as they came in. This couple offered no conversation. Another couple came in with a very hot and friendly F and a silent M. I tried to start a conversation with both, but she was the only one who talked until she excused herself. I tried to converse with the M, to keep him into the mix. He asked me a couple of questions and determined we were there to play, as opposed to pay. He announced his woman needed to make some money--he knew we were not the type to pay a woman to be interested in us. They left soon after, I guess unable to make a sale. Another couple came in, again, weren't sociable and proceeded to play pool.

They apparently didn't look to thrilled with the pickings and left soon after. A couple of other single Fs came in. We didn't light a spark in either of them--I don't think any of the guys did either. With each new couple or F, it was interesting to watch the single Ms circle and plot their approach and their pick up line. It was seriously like male lions circling their prey (only to get swatted back). The more we watched, the more we wanted to avoid even looking that desperate. Later on we struck up a conversation with one of them--he thought I was a regular because I was so friendly and not aggressively hitting on the guys or gals (its just not my style). He turned out to be a bi-M secretly cheating on his out of town wife. We shared some stories of our escapades. To my dismay, this guy was used to picking up hookers of both sexes as he traveled around the country, but had no swinging experience, just fantasies.

Later on a couple came in, with the hottest Asian F. She excitedly checked out the sex apparatus, the poles and particularly the swing. All the M drooled, but she gave them no time. As they adjourned to one of the booths, the guy I had been talking to overtly asked to join them and was summarily shut down. Later he commented how pissed off he was that they would come into a swing club and not let anyone else play. Even from across the way, it was obvious what was going on in their booth--she was having a wonderful time. But also obvious, there were several pervs jacking off in the doorway as they watched. Later on, a pair of younger black couples came in. As we said hi, one of the Fs got into a short conversation with me. Do I like to party? Sure. She led me over to her M and sat in his lap. He then initiated his sales pitch for the best 420 around. I told them I don't do drugs, where she got into an argument with me about whether marijuana was a natural herb or a drug. She didn't want to see my side of it and he didn't make a sale. Both couples left soon thereafter, I guess after making the same sales pitch to every person in the club. Then another couple, of a scraggly looking old guy and a small, rather homely F in baggy clothes came in. They wandered around the club several times, enough so I commented that I thought they were doing laps. They smiled at the joke but didn't really converse and disappeared somewhere in the club. Next an obese young black woman came in. I have an aversion to fat, so I just went through my motions to say hi but didn't pursue conversation. In the main room she was pounced upon by the other males. The bi-guy I had spoken to her apparently said the right things because they disappeared into the couples only room. From his later description, what their encounter

stepped outconsisted of was her showing him her enormous boobs while he played with himself. She left and he still hadn't gotten his rocks off, so he hung around and we talked a bit. All this minimal activity, the other drooling single Ms, people with angles and other unentered sex fiends are all part of the goings on in this club. We managed to keep a positive outlook all night, but it was getting very late into the night. So we finally decided we should pack it in even though it was not closing time yet. I went to get our stuff out of the locker room. As I I met the small homely woman and we started up a conversation about how it was getting late, I figured we'd pack it in. She asked if we had met anyone that night, no we hadn't.

Then the magic words, do you want to play? Sure. She started to lead us down the hall and toward the booths. This immediately caught the attention of the guy we had been talking to all night. He saw us headed to the booth and knew what was up. He asked if he could play. No was the firm answer. He tried to stick around the drape still asking to get involved. She tugged on her M's arm--the first time in the darkness I had noticed he was there too. That guy won't go away. Her M raised his voice to the uncooperative jerk, threatening to punch his lights out, And finally leaving when Paul got in his face very directly. Meanwhile she and I were disrobing. I placed my usual war chest selection on the corner of the black leather mattress and proceeded to enjoy her and let her enjoy me.

I figured this would be one of those cases where the guys wanted to watch, whatever, I got to play. And forget about the face, under those baggy clothes this girl had a smokin' hot body, fantastic boobs, well proportioned and the best tasting pussy I have ever experienced. At the point where I was deeply engrossed in licking her pussy, I observed she was also sucking Paul's dick. That was the first time I realized this would be a true FMF. When she wanted to get fucked she moved his direction and he started to do her doggie style. But as soon as he started pumping away she took my pussy in her mouth and made sure I was not forgotten. It was like a scene from a porno, she gave the best blow job--Paul was just barely able to hold it. When it was she felt my turn she asked if I was ready--but of course. I reached for my favorite toy and, it wasn't there (maybe one of the jerk offs stole it ) So I got my turn and it was hard to keep control.

I played with her clit and not knowing where this might head, I gave her ass a great tease. She was obviously and at times loudly enjoying herself. It didn't turn into a DP ( Her man being a watcher , rather than a active player) but we continued to switch off and I did her in two more positions. Her enthusiasm to keep us both entertained is exactly what I enjoy about this swinging stuff. I had the most wonderful time engrossed in this tight, hot, energetic woman and Paul. When I finished I noticed at least three guys standing in the doorway with their dicks in their hands, jerking off to our performance. They scattered when they realized we were done and aware of their presence. I gave her a kiss on the lips, Took Paul's hand and we proceeded to clean up. The couple disappeared into the bowels of the club--I know not where.

Never saw them again, though I made a couple of loops looking. The worst thing, we never even got her name, much less a way to contact her. People, don't ever judge a book by its cover. A pretty face might be nice, but what this girl revealed beyond her face was amazing.

All and all, the club itself was not impressive, the crowd was not impressive save the one couple who made it one of the most fantastic sexual experiences of my life. Will We go back? Probably. Will it be reviewed again - Sure Lets see if they continue to improve


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