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Swinger reviews for Miami Velvet
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Number of Reviews: 2
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Second visit to MV, Sep 03, 2007
reviewer: M and A from miami, FL
We have now been to MV twice and having visited clubs all over the world we have a few comments and suggestions. All in all a great club and one we will return to :-)

However, The club has two dance floors and we think that one should be a non-smoking area, towards the end of the evening the smoke is so thick that everything smells and next day you pay with sinus headaches, the food needs to be re-looked at as both times we have been there its been very basic (Trap has better).

the couples room we think needs to be re-laid out as it seems claustrophobic, possibly something similar to trap with an open central isle for people to move through - the way its done now restricts access if there are couples close to the door.

Despite the above a good club :-)

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Worth the time and Money, Jun 27, 2005
reviewer: Rns from Tampa, Fl

Review: Shell and I along with a few friends Did Another South Florida trip.. Destination, Miami Velvet.. We had heard a lot about this club so we gather up a few close friends and headed South.. Stayed in the Coconut Grove area to let the ladies do some shopping before heading out to party.. Great area if you've never been ..Also, beats getting a Hotel by the Airport "which is close to Miami Velvet" and hearing planes fly over head all night..

A few things about Miami Velvet, they Also offer a Swinger site that you can join for free..

Not to bad, but you will not be able to answer any messages that you will surely get, but it does give you a Glimpse at the Members.. Which is always a Good thing, and they do offer a lot of specials if you join..We did join and figured we saved around $60.00 by doing so.. So we spent $30 to save $60.00 That's great math in our book..

Now about the Club.. As you arrive they will Valet your Car..There is a 3 dollars charge....We would rather tip ..Just our preference.. The area seemed OK, "not in the slums" As you walk in you are greeted by very well dress gentlemen, and Nice to we might add.. Why are there always Guys at the Front desk? why not a Guy and a lovely lady? .. Just a thought..

As you enter the Club the first thing you see is the Dance floor, and the size of it..Very Nice dance floor with a pole that actually spins which Made Shells day! Nothing worse in her book than a broke pole! no pun intended...

The Club is very big 20,000 sqf.. Thats one big club.. Lots of Bars! It's also a BYOB with no charge for the set ups which again we like.. Let us decide if the person should get a tip..We hate being charged for our own booze!! Not at the Velvet..

Now back to BIG, lots of private rooms in the back, Big sitting area in the back, Orgy rooms, just a lot of rooms everywhere...So many different rooms one could get lost..No problem getting a locker,Lots of lockers..The Locker room was very clean also... The club in general is very Clean.. Also, this is a smoking club, but the smoke wasn't a problem .. AA+

Now Miami Velvet is in the Heart of Miami,and the Spanish Culture is Very evident from the Members, to the Dress,and the Music.. Lots of Salsa, some of the hottest Senoritas this white boy has ever seen..OL"my god.. Shell confirmed lots of Spanish Studs in attendance as well.. We had a very good time.. Rob just needs to sharpen up his Spanish ..

We spent 2 nights at Miami Velvet.Friday night is a very Late Crowd...The crowd starts coming in around Midnight, by 2 it was Rocking very Nice..We must be getting older if we think 2 is late.. They let in single guys on Fri nights but not to many, and the ones we met were very polite..

Sat night was busier earlier,and another great crowd.. Couples only.. Being a regular at Caliente, and the Trapeze Club I can honestly say that Velevet has a younger crowd..Now that's not a bad thing *IMO* but something I feel should be noted...

The Food was Good, but the Selection should be bigger and the Salad bar needs to improved..After mid night they need to switch to Breakfast like some of the other clubs do.... Also,offering some coffee would be nice for us older folks to help us make that ride back to the Hotel...:)

Miami Velvet is a great club and worth the time and Money to Visit.. It has a taste of it's own,but a taste worth trying..

I would Also like to thank Roger " Manger of Miami Velvet" for his Great hospitality and making us feel so welcome..

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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful:

Miami Velvet - The Bomb!, Oct 29, 2004
reviewer: Why Bee from North Carolina
We have been to a lot of lifestyle clubs, but Miami Velvet so far is the best we have attended to. The music is great. The attendants are always making sure that you have everything you might need to make your stay comfortable. Very relaxing athmosphere. We simply loved it!! Check it out, you won't regret the experience.

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