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Plato's Swingers club Ft. Lauderdale Florida,
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Swinger reviews for Plato's
Avg. Swinger Review (4.7 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 3
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Average at best, May 13, 2005
reviewer: Rns from Tamap Fl
After driving 300 miles we were ready for some action.. I checked the web site for Plato's before leaving, and it had me ready to party.. You know when you think of south fl, you think of luxury, fast cars, beautiful women..Well Plato's is a lot of things, but luxury isn't one of them.. We did see some nice cars though and a few sexy cpls..
First, the web site says Hottest swing site in the world! Not south Fl but world..
The club is an older home that has been turned into a Club,and they charge you to park..Yep to park.. The Music was good, the food was as fresh as anything you can get from Sam's, because it comes from Sam's not that anything is wrong with Sam's.. I just expected more from the Hottest swing club in the world.. Also Ceiling tiles were falling from the ceiling, and others tiles were held in place with Duck tape, yep Duck tape at the Hottest swing club in the world.. We did learn something new on this visit.. South Fl has Red Necks..Nice ones, but Red Necks none the less..Nothing wrong with Red Necks..:) We were just surprised to see some in south Fl at the hottest swing club in the world...Jeff fox worthy would have been proud..

..Bottom line there is better value for your time and money when visiting South Fl..

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6 of 12 people found the following review helpful:

Platos Repeat South Floridas Premier Club, Oct 14, 2004
reviewer: Anonymous from USA
Although the URL is wrong on this post it should read this club is by far one of the best!!!

SP Moderator - Thanks for the correction:)

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7 of 15 people found the following review helpful:

Xciteus here we cum!, Oct 12, 2004
reviewer: Fifi and Friends from Florida
Platos is a great club. It took us awhile to get over there but when the Xciteus couples hosted a party there recently and now DJ Spice & Mia hang out there we have made this club one of our favorite spots to venture out to when we travel South.

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