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NWX - Northwest Xchange Club Swingers Comfortable, Friendly, Stylish Swinger Club Seattle Washington

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Swinger reviews for NWX - Northwest Xchange Club
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NWX – Tukwila, Wa, May 24, 2005
reviewer: Linda from Phoenix, AZ
Linda’s Club review for the Month of May

NWX – Tukwila, Wa

Sat 21st 2005

This past week Paul said shall we take Liz and a guest down to a club in town that has music on every Saturday night, (Knowing full well what my answer would be) He chose the NWX club of Jim & Kristi located very conveniently in Tukwila. Saturday morning was prep time and Liz and I did our best to look great for the guys. So I got my short white mini see thru, Nails, Hair all set and off we went. The ride was a slow one with the rain and traffic that seems to be a problem when you want to get some where. The club is located in a upscale commercial area and easy to find with the directions provided by Jim & Kristi, On entry were notified that Kyle was already present and I was escorted by Paul to greet him and He finding a location to store the War Chest ..LOL

The club that he had chosen was not very crowded and we spotted our other attending guest Kyle minus his expected date Liz (She being expected a little later around 9:00) and beckoned him over. After out introductions and a greeting smooch I then noticed quite a nice dance floor with room for all with tables surrounding and to one side of the floor, several couch sets were located just off of the dance area. Eats were provided in a buffet format with two large fridge to hold beverages and other items that we had brought along. The whole club was spotless and very clean, not a speck to be found anywhere – There were several areas for fun with a large group area and a few smaller draped areas for a more private setting. All of the décor was tastefully appointed and a NO_SMOKING zone was enforced, I love that. The only question was the music? Some improvement is needed there – a little more dance oriented would be nice Maybe they will work on this?

The music that was playing was pretty awful so I asked Paul if he would be so kind to pour me a glass of wine that we had brought along for this occasion, He agreed and I quickly made my self comfortable with Kyle our guest.

We had sat on one of the front round tables and chatting just small talk. I was sitting slightly facing him and my legs were very near his hand, Kyle then

Said that he had to go to the men’s so after he had departed Paul told me that He would go to the men’s when Kyle came back and to get the evening started. He came back and sat close to me again and this time he rested his hand on the table very close to my bare leg I then said I was going to the ladies and went to check out the available spaces for what was on my mind. Paul quickly returned with freshened drinks and started in on his jokes that he seems to pull out of his hat, the one joke that he mentioned had to be portrayed with hand gestures and he quickly got to the part of the punch line that requires him touching and fondling my body. I waited for a moment then quietly looked over toward Kyle and made eye contact with him and noticed his hand was resting in his lap and that he was getting aroused. Paul was making the right moves on my left and Kyle made a few passes lightly over my breast and upper thigh suggesting he was eager as well. Paul then suggested that I dance a bit and after Kyle had gave me a twirl around the dance floor I decided to show a bit more by entertaining the guys to a brief strip tease that would surely set into play my plans. I casually began the dance in a seductive slow meander that progressed to a removal of my short mini dress and showing my large breasts and fully aroused nipples not leaving any thing to be questioned for one and all, by the looks of everyone in attendance they seemed to be impressed. After much talk of the whereabouts of Liz and not willing to wait any longer I gave Paul that knowing look and suggested we find a better location for the evening’s entertainment. We found just what we were after, A draped area that had a large massage table that could accommodate us all and I was quickly out of my skimpy dress with Paul and Kyle quickly removing their jeans and I placing myself on my back while Kyle began pleasuring me with his tongue and Paul leaning over me and I sucked his cock all the way in, Paul asked Kyle if he was enjoying himself and he just rolled his eyes and Hummed away while he was devouring me. I lay there feeling Kyle going to work on me and Paul with his cock and I then got my special vibrator out and started rubbing it all over my swollen clit while Kyle got to his knees and began to mount me I moved with the motion and opened my legs more for wider access as he entered me. Paul was so hard and I felt the hardening of his cock as he pumped in and out of my mouth. The guys changed position and Paul lifted my ass off the table so he could control placing his cock in my pussy and slowly worked it in, I was soaking as He rammed it up me harder and harder, with Kyle giving me long full strokes in and out of my mouth, After a few minutes Paul suggested that I get to my knees and I repositioned and was quickly entered again with Kyle taking a sitting position while I sucked on his cock and Paul pounding away at my pussy, I pushing on to my husbands cock at the same time, he was so turned on that he started to speed up and then he unloaded all his cum right up me and he screamed as he came and came and came. We then got our breathe back and we went back into the general area to have a drink and a cool down. As we pondered our next move Paul then noticed another couple that we had met and invited them over for a chat and a libation, May.& Billy. a very special wild couple that are well worth knowing, We were soon topping off all of the drinks with May and Paul taking shot after shot of tequila and talking away past the ferry depart time and decided to stay the evening there at the club. We then noticed that after several hours that we were the only ones left and decided to take the lively conversation to an end by seeking a comfortable spot to catch some nap time. I am sure everyone departed the next morning very satisfied and promising to do it again soon which I will let you know about.

All in All I would rate the NWX as a 9.0 *********

Music was the right level, But a more progressive tempo would be nice.

Food was great and plentiful – Well laid out with care and hygiene in mind

Beverages were present and well stocked – Ice, Napkins, Cups and Glasses easily accessed

Bathrooms absolutely spotless and all in order

Atmosphere was bright and cheerful – A minor problem with fill in hosts not knowing

about functions of lights – No big deal – A few bright moments - Not to worry

Playrooms clean and temps were just right

The only Bad issue was un-invited people either coming into and wanting to watch or insisting that we pull back the curtains so that they could… Kind of a turnoff, I felt like they were being pushy and out of touch with others feelings. I am sure if Jim & Kristi

were present that this would not of occurred at all and corrected pronto.

All in All a lovely club that is highly recommended for a close laid back encounter, A little slow for a Sat, but the rain had a lot to do with it. We'll be attending again soon


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