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Lites Of Vegas Swingers Lifestyle Club Las Vegas Nevada,
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Swinger reviews for Lites Of Vegas
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Number of Reviews: 8
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

This one is great., Oct 25, 2008
reviewer: M & N from Texas
We were very impressed with this place. This is the best place in Vegas for a party. We have traveled extensively and have been to quite a few clubs. We highly recommend this club to everyone, it is very luxurious and upscale.

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28 of 34 people found the following review helpful:

Wanna be swing party, Apr 11, 2006
reviewer: Bob and Dev from Texas
If you are wanting to dance or stand around with wanna be's then this is the party for you.

We saw their posting about 100's of people attending their parties so we though we would check it out when we went to Las Vegas. Wasted our time. We went two nights thinking Saturday had to be better then the Friday night lack of crowd. We where wrong.

Friday night had about 15 people most of them friends of the hosts. Saturday night had about twice as many people but if you where not part of the hosts friends you are ignored.

When we asked the hostess where the crowd that she advertising was she said it was just an bad night and was not friendly about being questioned. We met another couple that had been there a few times and they explained this was the crowd. We will not be wasting any more time at the Lites!

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LV Swing Party-worthy of Vegas, Feb 28, 2006
reviewer: J&L from Back East
We travel quite a bit & go to a lot of clubs,parties,etc. & folks always expect anything in Vegas to be a cut above the rest of the universe. Swing party-wise we had not found that to be true-until NOW. We had heard from on-line friends that this WAS the place & were they right! The house is warm,inviting & decorated with thought to comfort-say feng shui-we were welcomed not as newbies but like long-lost friends-we never felt left-out or ignored. Stop in Vegas & see this club,it is amazing,words alone cannot tell you how terrific it is-it is a Vegas Must See!

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