Chez Louis, couples liberes echangistes / swinger couples. Swingers on premises swinger club Montreal 35

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Chez Louis, couples liberes echangistes / swinger couples. Swingers on premises swinger club Montreal 35,
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Swinger reviews for Chez Louis, couples liberes echangistes / swinger couples.
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Mixed bag, adjust your expectations accordingly, Jan 19, 2014
reviewer: blackshadow7 from Montreal, QC, Canada
Attended last night. It was a mixed bag really. Louis did his best to be a great host, but it was evident that there weren't enough rooms for those that planned to turn up. As such, if you weren't a bold enough couple and got a room early, then you ended up missing out (unless you enjoy watching)

Also for single men that turned up, they had to hope that the female half of couples present enjoyed attention from multiple men. Only one single woman turned up when i was there.

For the price i paid, i'd have been better off going to an actual club. There is a certain charm to the Chez Louis style house party, but it wasn't much on display last night.

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