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Checkmate Private Couples Lifestyle Club for Swingers Swingers On premises swinger club New York City New York,
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Swinger reviews for Checkmate Private Couples Lifestyle Club for Swingers
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Not a fan primarily because of the people, Nov 01, 2017
reviewer: Jojo from Buckhead, GA
I'm giving this 3 stars because it's not dirty or creepy. I am originally from NY and this place was still hard to find. It's in the basement of a building. The club always has a sign at the door claiming it's closed for a private party. This is their way of screening who gets in. The ceilings are very low and covered with balloons so if you're tall, it's very annoying. They do pop frequently throughout the night.
There are 2 sitting areas, one is practically on the dance floor (which makes dancing a little odd), a bar, a room with a buffet and a back room. The club is small. The dj gets naked during the night and dances which is not normal and the bartender is unfriendly. She pours drinks her way even though it's your bottle...
The worst part about this club is how cliquey the crowd is. I have been there a few times so it wasn't just that night, it's every night. They don't seem to like people who aren't from NY (even though I grew up there).
They don't get very dressed up and certainly not sexy, which is unlike any club we have ever been to. Before 12, everyone up front moves simultaneously into the back. The backroom has about 5 rooms but they are all small. Most hold about 4 people comfortably and one holds 6-8 max. People seem to play more side by side than really swinging.
Overall, a club is usually good because of the crowd. After 3 tries, I know it's not for us. We are mid 40s, in good shape, clean, well dressed and friendly, so I'm not sure what the problem is. We do go to clubs local to where we live so we are certainly club savvy. We don't recommend it.

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