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When Swinging Places set out to find the hottest places to party, we expected to find them at HEDO in the Caribbean,. in Europe at Cap D'Agde or maybe New York. We didn't count on Tampa, Florida being one of the sexiest cities in the USA.

It didn't take long to find the hottest place to  party in the hottest town is Pleasure Palace.

Pleasure Palace

Also in Tampa are two very popular clothing optional resorts. Caliente & Paradise. This is where the local lifestylers go to relax .

Caliente Nudist Resort & Spa

Paradise Lakes Resort

Also in Tampa:


Lifestyle Explorers

Looking For the BIGGEST & HOTTEST PARTY IN TAMPA? Well, look no more then here at the Pleasure Palace as we hold another record breaking weekend!! As the Pleasure Palace has been holding the largest swingers parties right here in Tampa Bay! Come and see why everyone is choosing the hottest club in Tampa with the hottest crowds and not to mention the hottest members!! For more information you can view our FREE Swingers website at www.pleasurepalaceflorida.com and get all the info for free.

Friday, October 8th

Tonight will be another hot thong contest!! Guys we know this isn't the contest you where wanting? hehehehehe YEA RIGHT! This has got to be one of the hottest nights we have done yet! If you missed our last Hot Thong Contest boy did you miss a night of sexy A#@@##@.....OOOOPs I mean thongs....hehehhehe. We had the dance floor filled up with some hot booteee shorts, hot red tight thongs, wheeeew and lacy ones too! This one contest that speaks or shall I say shows for it's self?...hehehe. So ladies get out whatever makes that bootee shine!...lol Because this is going to be one hot night with our sexy hot thong contest. Get to the club early for those who are already members to get that special before 10:00pm rate.

Saturday, October 9th!

Never been to a party that West Central Coast Couples and Pleasure Palace combine in one night? Then you are missing the biggest party in Tampa as WCCC and Pleasure Palace together throw the biggest record breaker parties around! Tonight our friends WCCC will be joining us for our sexy Hollywood Nights party surely to be the biggest night of Hollywood's history!!

Think you look like someone famous? What about a sexy movie star? Or Even a Porn Star, Or even a famous Playboy Model? a famous singer? Tonight we are going to be holding our first Hollywood Nights party and this gives you a chance to see if you truly DO look like that famous person. Come dressed up as your favorite Hollywood star and enter in our sexy Hollywood contest for your chance to win some sexy prizes as well. We will be holding a contest at midnight for those sexy stars in the Pleasure Palace! Remember (Members) get to the club early and save more on admission!!

REMEMBER!!! Friday Oct 22nd Ladies Night with International Entertainers! Starting at 8pm until 10:30 PM the hottest Male Review in Tampa right here at the Pleasure Palace!

Wow it seems Wednesdays are a great idea! Looks like our Wednesdays are slowly getting bigger and bigger every week! A lot of new couples came out again to get a small taste of what to expect before the busy weekend ahead! And not to mention Thursday's are even a bigger hit as many couples come out and enjoy a packed night with lots of sexy couples on our FREE couples night!!

Friday was a big one for us as we have been seeing Fridays becoming a really great night with more and more sexy couples coming out and enjoying one hot night of dancing and meeting all the new couples who continue to make Fridays are night for newbies hehehee.

Saturday Saturday Oh and Saturday!...hehehehe. Wow what a night again! Saturday was another packed night with almost 600 members again in the house what an awesome night it was!! We wanted to thank all those who came out and made our weekend a huge success once again!

Thanks to Tiger and Laura and Ken and Dottie!..hehehhe that Dottie you can't keep that girl still I tell ya...lol. We wanted to thank all our host couples who came out and helped out with another busy week and showing all our new couples around and making them feel more comfortable and helping answer any questions they may have.

Wow and who missed that Birthday Dance? Wow talk about a Cowboy!! yeeehaaaa! hehehehe Heather got one hell of a Birthday dance Saturday from our sexy Cowboy Jim!! he had all the ladies wishing it was there Birthdays...lol.

And that Auction!! Was that a blast or what? Never seen so many couples jumping up to catch soo much money before...lol. and talk about being a winner! who got a look at the sexy single ladies that gave out the sexy dances for the auction? I would have bid but I gave all my money away!...lol. And not to mention them sexy men who got on the floor and gave some sexy prizes to our auction winners ;)

Sunday! well our Sunday was an awesome night with our friends with WCCC as we bared all Sunday night for our private lock down! It was wild seeing so many nakkie people running around the clubs without having to tell them to put the clothes on in the Illusions side...lMAO! A big special thanks to Bruce and Michelle as you continue to join with our members and making Pleasure Palace a place where all those in the lifestyle come together!! It was an awesome night for sure and can't wait to see WCCC with us this coming Friday as they come out to celebrate our Ladies Night with our Sexy Male Review!!

Thanks to everyone for one awesome week again! Can't wait to do it again as we start the week up early this Wensday night for our FREE couples night!! Big Hugs to everyone and have a great week and look forward to seeing everyone this weekend as we kick off our Pre Halloween with our Rocky Horror Night this Saturday!